November 3, 2020
Ventilation and Masks in Schools
Kaua’i Physicians

May 27, 2020
Open letter to Governor Ige
and Hawaii’s mayors

April 11, 2020
Letter to the Community

April 11, 2020
Letter to Leadership

March 28, 2020
Open Letter PPE for Healthcare Providers

April 3, 2020
Response letter to Hawaii Healthcare Providers from Bruce Anderson Director of Health, Hawaii Dept. of Health

March 14, 2020
Open Letter to the Hawaii State Department of Health

March 23, 2020
Open Letter to the State of Hawaii

March 21, 2020
Urgent request from Physicians and Healthcare Workers for an immediate lock down order for the state of Hawai’i

March 18, 2020
Open Letter County of Maui

Letters to the Nation

April 1, 2020
Open Physician Letter to Congressional Leaders (Nation-wide collaboration)

March 28, 2020
AMA urges critical steps to protect frontline health care workers (Nation-wide collaboration)